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About Us


Advanced was designed exclusively to improve customer care and by adding a new, state-of-the-art scheduling software and hardware system, your scheduling will be fast and accurate. Because Advanced is now paperless, we are able to easily record notes and store an extended, detailed history within our system and we’re doing our part for the environment, too!

Strategic personnel changes from the top down were made to improve efficiency.

Mrs. Caryn Guderjohn holds the position of President, making Advanced a woman-owned and operated, full service pest control company. New vehicles with GPS components were purchased to address the concerns about fuel consumption and we obtained all new equipment to insure the most accurate and safe applications.

Advanced Termite Control continues to use the safest materials available on the market today. We are constantly researching materials and improving our techniques to provide a safe, pest-free environment for you.

Mr. Bryan Guderjohn (CEO) designed a custom, Injecto-matic for treating termites. It was built in Canada and now protects all of our termite customers with the most accurate applications possible. It completely removes human error and allows us to safely apply Termidor directly to the termites.

Advanced Termite Control is highly supported by the most reputable suppliers and experts across the country. We are certified and licensed in each category for our industry and we carry the highest coverage in insurance for every home under our protection.

Advanced Termite Control is a debt-free company. It is important to us to manage our company in a responsible manner to ensure that we will remain effective in protecting your family and home for many years.

We take what we do very seriously at Advanced Termite Control and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service. We are growing our business, “one customer at a time,” and each of you are important to us and critical to our success. We ask that you let us know if we can do anything to improve our commitment to you. It is a privilege to service your home and we, at Advanced, thank you for allowing our family to protect yours.

Introducing The Founder Of Advanced Termite Control: Bryan W. Guderjohn

Advanced Termite Control was created and developed by Bryan W. Guderjohn in February of 2008. He has worked in the pest control industry for 20+ years and is a leader in new development strategies, safety and customer service. Mr. Guderjohn started in pest control in 1991 quickly becoming a senior technician and helping to develop new treatment techniques that are still used today. He then began to specialize in bird control. There are only 33 people in the country who perform bird control at this level. Mr. Guderjohn also became an Operations Manager and started in sales and marketing. Throughout his career in the pest control industry, he has sold over $30 million in services. Before Advanced, Mr. Guderjohn was the President of Horizon Pest Control. He spent five years developing Horizon and all of the company’s policies and programs. After full development, Mr. Guderjohn obtained a partner. The business was very successful for nine years but, as most partnerships go, the two discovered that they had different visions of the company's future. Horizon was split between the two partners and the rest as we say... is history.

Mr. Guderjohn resides in Southern Pennsylvania just over the MD line were he has lived for the past 9-years while he was with Horizon.

Mr. Guderjohn works in the field each day to ensure that all of our customers receive the finest quality service available.

Advanced Termite Control has over one thousand customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland and our Bird Control Division provides service to commercial clients across North America.

“My goal has always been to provide the most personable, reliable and safe service available anywhere. I hand-select all of our materials and have used them in my home. I pride myself on quality, not quantity. I appreciate and am extremely grateful to each and every customer that has allowed myself and my team into your homes and your lives. I plan many more years of growing our business and look forward to the continued teaching of my trade to my three children, Ashley, Tyler and Christopher.”
-Bryan W. Guderjohn (ATC).

Our Wonderful Staff


Caryn Guderjohn has been happily married to Bryan for 20 years and is the acting President of Advanced Termite Control. She has been a stay-at-home mom to their three wonderful children, Ashley (19), Tyler (17) and Christopher (15) until the inception of Advanced Termite Control in February 2008. Her insight and views as a consumer highly benefit the company in it’s marketing and product selection and her abilities range from all financial and accounting responsibilities to maintaining our Human Resources Dept.


Kristi Matthews (Caryn's sister) has been with us since September of 2008 as our Office Manager where her extensive background in customer service has assisted us in building exceptional relationships between our many valued clients and our growing company. She and her husband, Dan have two beautiful children, Savannah (8) and Dylan (5) and live just outside of New Freedom, Pennsylvania.


Carl Nixon has been a valued employee and friend to us since he and Bryan first became acquainted at Ehrlich Pest Control in 1995 were he was a Senior Technician. He also worked for Bryan as a Senior Technician at Horizon Pest Control and when the opportunity presented itself, he joined Advanced as our Operations Manager. Carl is State certified in MD and is extremely dedicated to his profession. Much to the dismay of many residential customers, Carl will be completing his transition to our Commercial Division in 2011. He is also a Volunteer Fire Fighter with the Wise Ave Fire Dept. in Baltimore, Maryland near where he resides.


Bryan Guderjohn is the CEO for Advanced Termite Control where his focus lies with marketing and sales. He is also recognized as the Chief Bird Engineer in North America and travels nationwide to perform Commercial Bird Control Services. Bryan is State certified in PA, MD and VA  and has undergone extensive training in the use of Thermal Remediation to safely and naturally rid homes and businesses of bed bugs, mites and other infectious pests. His work ethic is easily proven by his successful career in Pest control and he has always dreamed of a legacy that he would be able to offer his children. His belief in presenting a valuable service to a clientele in need keeps him grounded in his position but with a constant drive for improvement.


Matt Almony graduated the Entomology course from University of Purdue and has been running his own route for the past 3 years. He recently became engaged to Bryan's daughter, Ashley and their wedding is planned for October 2013.


Ashley Guderjohn is the eldest of the Guderjohn children and is our part-time, Administrative Assistant and Field Technician. She recently graduated from Carroll County Community College with her AA and is very excited to be planning her wedding with Matt.


Korie Brown joined us in February of 2011 and is responsible for all residential scheduling. She has 3 fun-loving children, Chris (16), Andy (15), and Julia (11) and resides in Hanover, PA.


Tyler is 17 and is a Senior at Susquehannock High School. He helps out on weekends and in the summer installing rain gutter protection systems, vapor barriers and performing thermal remediation treatments. He is also a huge asset to have on termite treatments and assists his Dad by digging perimeter trenches, installing termite monitors and positioning tools. Tyler wants to one day work full-time for Advanced but for now he is busy keeping up his grades and enjoying his Ford Mustang!


Christopher is 15 and is responsible for our "Vehicle Appearance Division". Chris washes all of the Advanced Termite Control vehicles and equipment to keep them looking new. He loves XBOX, playing the drums and keyboard, and his pet exotic birds. Chris is a Sophomore at Susquehannock High School and wants to one day work full- time for Advanced Termite Control.


We are always growing and are currently looking for energetic, self-motivated people who are interested in quality customer service and growth within our company. Our current positions available include:
- Field Technicians
- Commercial and Residential Sales

*Sales Solution Experts for PA and MD areas.
* Experienced Termite Technician qualified in pest control services as well.

Advanced Termite Control
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advanced termite and pest control
advanced termite and pest control